What is Moisture Content and Moisture Regain?

Hey guys, have you ever wonder what is moisture content and moisture regain? And why is moisture regain important? which fibre has 0% moisture regain? Here I am gonna get these questions out of your way.


What is Moisture Content and Moisture Regain

What is meant by moisture regain and moisture content?

A fibre’s moisture regain is defided as ” the amount of moisture that a material is able to reabsorb after its [sic] has been dried’. Is is expressed as a weight/weight percentage (w/w%) of water in a fibre versus the fibre’s dry weight. Different textile fibres has distinct moisture regain.



Why is moisture regain important?

However, by increasing the humidity of the air surrounding the textile directly after process, the material experiences “regain”. Moisture is reabsorbed by the textile, thus improving the quality and performance of the fabric. This regain also has a direct impact on the weight of the textile.


Which fibre has 0% moisture regain?

Moisture content: It is the ratio between the weight of water with the total weight of the material express in percentage. Olefin, polypropylene, Carbon, Graphite, Glass fiber has no moisture regain or moisture content.


What is the moisture regain of cotton?

Generally, the moisture content of raw cotton is controlled in the range of 7% to 9%. And wool fibre has the highest moisture regain.

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Post time: Mar-20-2023