Singeing Technology

What's singeing in textile industry?

Why some fabrics need to be deal with singeing process?

Today, we will talk something about singeing.

Singeing is also called gassing, It's usually the first step after weaving or knitting.

Singeing is a process applied to both yarns and fabrics to produce an even surface by burning off projecting fibers, yarn ends, and fuzz. This is accomplished by passing the fibre or yarn over a gas flame or heated copper plates at a speed sufficient to burn away the protruding material without scorching or burning the yarn or fabric. Singeing is usually followed by passing the treated material over a wet surface to assure that any smoldering is halted.

This results in higher wet ability, better dyeing properties, enhanced reflection, no "frosty" appearance, a softer surface, good printing clarity, increased visibility of the fabric structure, less pilling and reduced contamination by removing fluff and lint.

Purpose of Singeing:
To remove the short fibers from the textile materials (yarn and fabric).
To make the textile materials smooth, even and clean looking.
To develop maximum luster in the textile materials.
To make the textile materials suitable for subsequent next process.

Singeing Technology

Post time: Mar-20-2023